Lets Get Started with the Home Canning Equipment You Will Need...

Its important to have the proper home canning equipment when preserving food. The good news is that your kitchen most likely already has most of the utensils that will be needed to prepare and preserve.

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Below is a list of the basic items that will be needed:

Home Canning - Boiling Water Canner

A lot of canning recipes call for the food to be heat processed in a boiling water canner. This is canning equipment that you may not need to buy if you have existing pots that might be a good substitute. This is especially true if you are using smaller canning jars. You simply need a deep pot with a rack and lid.

Boiling Water Canner

Canning Rack that goes inside the Boiling Water Canner.

Canning Rack

Home Canning - Pressure Canner

There are certain types of foods that require a heat-process for preserving. These foods include non-acidified vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. A special piece of canning equipment will be needed and it is called a Pressure Canner. You can usually purchase these at any cooking supply stores.

Home Canning Jars

Glass canning jars are the only containers that you should use when home canning. They are often refered to as mason jars. Each jar should be checked for defects before use, especially the top of the jar, it must be smooth and flat with no chips, otherwise it will not seal properly. The good thing is that once you have purchased your jars they can be re-used many times.

Canning Jars

Home Canning Jar Lids and Bands

When sealing your canned goods you will use a flat metal lid especially formulated for preserving food at home. Each lid is constructed of tin-plated steel and protected with a food-safe coating. The threaded metal bands fit over the neck of the jar and holds the lid in place during the heat processing. The lids can only be used once, however the jars and bands can be re-used multiple times if they have no defects.

Jar Lids and Bands

Home Canning Utensils

Additional Home Canning Equipment...

There are several specialty utensils that make canning much easier and safer, however they are not essential. They are listed below:

Jar Lifter

Used to safely grab the hot jars.

Canning Jar Lifter

Canning Funnel

To ensure all food goes into the jar!

Canning Funnel


Used to scoop food into the jars.

Ladle Image

Canning Utinsels

The Home Canning Utensils shown above (Jar Lifter, Canning Funnel, Ladle) came from the Canning Kit shown below:

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