Home Canning Jam

Home Canning Jam

Home Canning Jam is very popular and a good place to start for beginners.

Old-fashioned jams are made just as your great-grandmother made them, without the use of commercial pectin. The only ingredients in these jams are fresh sun-ripened fruit and sugar. Sometimes lemon juice or vinegar is used to help the jam set.

Jams prepared without added pectin have a softer, less set texture than jams prepared with added pectin, therefore they must be cooked longer to evaporate moisture and concentrate fruit's natural pectin. The longer cooking produces a darker colored product.

Adding pectin to fruit mixtures shortens the cooking time to deliver a fresher tasting product. You can use liquid or regular powdered pectin and it's a matter of preference. When using powdered fruit pectin, it is important that you completely dissolve the pectin in the fruit before adding the sugar. It's better to measure the sugar into a bowl so it can be added to the boiling jam all at once.

Below are a few of our favorite recipes that we actually use and appear on our kitchen table almost every morning. We do use pectin in our recipes.

Popular Recipes

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Peach Jam Recipe

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