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We freeze a lot of our meat for later use; however we also try to can several jars of it each year. Canned meat can last for several years when it has been properly prepared and stored, giving it a longer shelf life than frozen meat.

Almost any kind of meat can be canned, but it's best to select lean meats or meat with the fat trimmed. We usually can a lot of our Elk and Venison meat, however not everyone has access to this type of lean meat. You want to make sure that you select meats that you will enjoy.

When preparing meats for canning, never use any canning method but pressure cooking and for the times recommended. Keep the meat cool until ready to can.

Heat processing kills the bacteria that may contaminate your food, and the sealing process keeps your food from becoming re-contaminated.

If you find that a jar has not sealed, you must either refrigerate or freeze. It's important that you do not guess when it comes to canning, especially meats.

Canning Fish is also very popular. If you wish to can fish, choose a fatty fish, and keep them on ice until ready to can. We recommend that you remove the head, tail, fins and scales prior to canning.

Different kinds and cuts of meat may require variations in temperature and pressure.

Canning your own meat gives you the peace of mind of knowing what is in your foods as well as being sure about the freshness and quality of the food that you eat.

A small investment of time is definitely worth it!

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