Canning Meat

by V. Bontrager
(Boonies of Montana)

I just came across your website as I was doing some research to add some info to one of MY websites on canning meats. =)

I LOVE your site! (I may be linking to it from my canning pages!)

I can a lot of venison as well and LOVE it. Canning meats, ESPECIALLY deer and elk, helps to kill the wild flavor that it tends to have.

I am a 'cold pack canning' person as I never did like to use the pressure canners. ( I think my Mom put a healthy fear of them into me when I was little!)

I can get the water boiling in my granite canner and basically forget about it for the next 3 hours, versus having to watch the gauges and pressure valves on a pressure canner!

Anyways, just wanted to let you know your site is great!

Viola at

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